My J — jewel Home Study Course needs a cover. And I appreciate your opinion.

Love for your work creates lovely times.

Creativity follows you everywhere.

Creativity follows you everywhere.

You don’t need to work every day in your city, office, house, room.

There is no limit to visit places…

FIND HOW AND WHY, reading here…

And in a fight with someone, never forget a “good night”.

Cute but naughty girl. Lady made me quarrel with my John.

Sometimes a huge fight starts for no serious reason.

Like now.

I sat down to write here but suddenly I use another topic / title to show you, how things change …

Keep reading and see what happens…


Handmade art for you, with love.


Handmade fashion/ decoration, creations by designers (

Sales/ discount coupons/ tips

Creatively yours, Marya.

When the brain builds a palace & your wallet swim in agony

Stones of thoughts and mountains of worry come every day to steal your calmness.

Your head is heavy.

Stones of thoughts and mountains of worry come every day to steal your calmness.

#Life is strange. Not bad. Just mad.

If you can’t accept the beauty of life you may stay in the prison of #depression.

Find what’s next

-surely in common with your thoughts-

in the story here…

Meet me here…

Create a kitchen that causes you to cook & bake in it.

Photo by David Todd McCarty on Unsplash

Well it’s not a secret. #Kitchen_rooms should inspire people. It’s not the clean and tided place that makes them experts or available to create miracles in it. Cooking and baking is a relaxing action for some people who love to focus on these arts.

So the room which keeps them…

How your car helps you looking great.

Jump in your #car and drive to the eternity. If you are a great driver.

I ‘m just a careful driver. Law addicted. Getting with it on needed places on my day.

Not something more commented by me on car issues.

I don’t like it. I don’t hate it.


A rebel toddler demands rights on creativity.😉

Photo by Nikola Johnny Mirkovic on Unsplash

From my 3,5 till then I used foods with color & sticky synthesis.

Yes, I did it, causing screams to adults about… … …


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Creatively Yours,


marya milagros

Marya: stylist, fashion & interior designer, sketcer, sewing teacher and writer. Tricking an arrow sends you portions of smart style & tips for your economy.

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